Work with me

Are you interested in finding the best ways aromatherapy can help you?

  • Do you have ailments that you want to help naturally?
  • Do you feel lost when it comes to aromatherapy?

You have come to the right place!

As an aromatherapist, I am dedicated to helping my clients find the best remedies to help with their ailments, and I am dedicated to the safe use of essential oils in one’s daily lives. I will work closely with you to find out which oils and products will work best for you. We will talk about what ails you and how best to help you feel better.

My consult fee is $75 which includes one product. Some of the time I will recommend more than one product because essential oils work best in different ways. Each separate product will have its own price, which we will discuss after we have finished making sure we’re going to be a great team!

If you are ready to get started with consulting & finding the right blend for YOU, contact me using the contact form below. I will get back to you with times when we can schedule your consultation!

What will happen during the consultation?

Once you contact me using the form below, I will email you back. I will send you an invoice through PayPal. I will have you fill out an intake form, and we will schedule a zoom call to chat “in person” about what you need. Once I get a product that will work for you, I will ship it to you! If you want more than one product, I will invoice you for those, too!

Also, if you already have oils at home or prefer to make your own blend, and are just looking for help in determine which is the best blend, I can help with that too! That fee will be $60.

I want to make getting help from an aromatherapist easier, and a better experience! Especially for those that would rather do it online or from home!

Welcome to the world of aromatherapy!

**Appointments will start May 1st 2019**