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Child Led Learning is literally just following a child’s interests, and allowing them to do things for themselves. Not all the things because they’re children, obviously. However, children have such incredible tiny minds and see the world in such incredible ways, we should use that. We, as the parents, should be encouraging our children to follow their dreams, and ideas. The best way to learn how to do something is to do it yourself, first hand. One day these tiny children will be not so tiny adults and will need this confidence, and love of learning to help them through their daily lives.

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As a partial unschooling family, I like to keep art supplies on hand within reach of the kids so they can grab and go whenever they get the inspiration to do so. My middle is huge into creating “tiny things” right now. She will get paper, coloring materials, glue, scissors, and tape and just go to town. She will create little signs for her Lil’ Woodzeez dollhouse where she create a restaurant because she can’t wait to someday be a baker. My oldest wants to be a writer and a comic book creator so she will create comic books made up of stories from her everyday life. She will use the paper, glue, scissors, and coloring utensils to create bound books she has wrote and pretends to publish them. This is one of the best examples of child led learning.

Let’s get to the good part…child led learning art supplies to keep on hand to encourage of love of creativity.

Colored Paper

I like to have both types of colored paper on hand. The construction paper is thin and very versatile but the colored card stock paper holds up better to the mini houses and books being created on a daily basis.

Coloring Utensils

Are you scared you’re not doing enough? Feeling like a homeschool failure? Read this. I promise you are doing amazing.

All of these serve a different purpose so we make sure to have all the different kinds on hand. Sharpies are great for coloring on card stock or cardboard which my kids are constantly using to build things. The other ones work on all kinds of paper giving each one a unique texture helping to decide what kind of art project they are looking to do.

Glue + Scissors

You can never have enough glue sticks for child led learning so buy the big pack. 😂 These scissors are wonderful! They work for a great range of kids, my 4, 8, and 11 year old uses them. Although, I am not against using adult sized scissors. We’re a family who also allows our children to use knifes at a young age so 🤷🏻‍♀️ that is up to you for sure!

Yarn or String

Oh man, do you even know how fun yarn and string is? I didn’t! For years, I had no idea what we were missing out on. They glue it, cut it, tie it, wear it, use it for their toys, their dolls, they decorate the house with it. There is SO MUCH you can do with string and yard. Buy some, you won’t regret it. I promise.


Now I know you can’t buy this one, but if you are looking for something to give your child some ideas when doing child led learning is YouTube. It is full of how to’s that my girls love. How to create things, how to draw things, how to build things, how to use your imagination in ways you never thought possible. Below I will list a couple of our favorites!

Art For Kids Hub

5 Minute Crafts PLAY

Crafts For Kids

Plus SO MANY MORE. Search some ideas you or your kids have on YouTube and come up with some amazing ones for your family!

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