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Overcoming Fear: Do It Scared book review.

“Everyone experiences fear differently means that the path to overcoming fear will also be a little bit different for everyone.” 
― Ruth Soukup

Overcoming Fear

Fear is a nasty little thing. It took me a long time to finally realize that most of my issues were caused by fears, deep-seeded fears. It was odd to me at first that fear could be the cause of anything. I was so quick to chalk it up to circumstance or luck. The more I dug into this whole fear thing, the more I noticed the patterns.

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I read a book a long time ago that had started this journey into fear-based decision making and how it harms us (you can buy that book here).

Ruth Soukup

When I first saw that Ruth was coming out with a book all about fear, I knew I had to have it! I’ve followed Ruth for a long time, and I’ve read most of her books, follow her blog, and have been listening to her podcast. She is a very real, very fun, very awesome person to listen to when you’re wanting to better your life in anyway. She’s not one of those people who just has it all together and is selling all that to you, she is a real lady talking about real things that can help us regular folk be better humans.

Pre-ordering the book was the best thing ever!

  • 1. I got to get the book BEFORE it was released to anyone else.
  • 2. I got some awesome bonuses.
  • 3. I won a gift card! (That literally never happens to me, so I have to chalk that up to Ruth and the universe working together!)

You can still order the book now, for a limited time, and get some awesome bonuses, too! What do you get if you order the book before the bonus time is up?

You can get:

  • Premium Do It Scared Fear Assessment Report
  • 1 Month Membership to Doing It Scared online
  • The Do It Scared Workbook to use along with your book!

I’ll bet you’re wondering what this book, Do It Scared, is all about. I would be. Let me tell you!

Do It Scared Book by Ruth Soukup. Overcoming Fear in your life.

After tons of research and working other amazing people, Ruth and the team came up with 7 fear archetypes. These are the fears broke up into different types. The names get you at first, they can seem negative, but every archetype has positives and negatives, and the books has great tips how to use them to better your life.

The 7 Fear Archetypes

  • The Procrastinator
  • The Rule Follower
  • The People Pleaser
  • The Outcast
  • The Self-Doubter
  • The Excuse Maker
  • The Pessimist

Really, they’re aren’t that bad. But, it really is enlightening to read about yourself in this way, and know there are ways to better yourself using these as a base! She goes on to explain the different principles that you can use to inspire yourself through your fears. Those are called:

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The Principles of Courage

  • Dare to Think Big
  • Rules Are For Suckers
  • Always Own It
  • Embrace Honest Feedback
  • There Are No Mistakes, Only Lessons
  • Balance Is Overrated
  • Just Keep Going

(If you know me at all, you can probably guess I don’t completely agree with principle number 6. That’s okay. The book has helped me make huge strides in my personal life, public life, and business life. Read it. It’s totally worth it.)

The last section of the book is full-blown action steps! Who doesn’t love a book that has action steps?! I know I am a huge step by step person! There are 7 action steps just as there are 7 archetypes and 7 principles of courage. 7 is a good number.

Courage In Action

Taking steps is going to be the only way you reach change. In any part of your life. Reading all the books, listening to all the podcasts, watching all the webinars isn’t going to do anything for you if you’re not willing to put in the work. Even the hard, annoying, I-don’t-want-to-do-this work. It has to be done. The road to success is filled with action obstacles. Take the step.

  • Claim Your Target
  • Find Your Why
  • Create Your Action Plan
  • Form Your Own Truth Club
  • Stop Comparing
  • Eliminate Excuses
  • Stay Encouraged

Number 7 there is definitely my favorite. Stay Encouraged. Encouragement is so important, for yourself and for others. Knowing that people support you is huge, making sure you, yourself, and others know they can do whatever they want to do!

“I may not have control over everything, but I can take responsibility for the choices I make.” 
― Ruth Soukup

Are you ready to change your fear into action and work your butt off to live your best life?! Click below to order Do It Scared and start your path to releasing your fears that are holding you back!

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