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Why I call myself a partial hippie, and that’s okay.


Earlier this year when I really started getting into a more natural lifestyle, I had people call me a hippie. Most of the time it was in a condescending, “you’re obnoxious” sort of way, but I sort of liked it. Who doesn’t want to be a hippie?! Ha! Okay, I’m sure many people don’t want to be a hippie, but that’s okay.

However…I am not a hippie, and I think labeling people is a big issue in today’s society. I don’t consider myself a hippie. I am a little of a both, of all. I am mainstream, and hippie, and unconventional, and conventional. I basically just live my life however I see fit for myself and my family. Sometimes that makes me more mainstream, and other times it makes me more hippie, but all of it makes me happy. That’s what matters anyway, guys.

When you take a detour from what people think your normal is, labeling happens. “You’re fake!” seems to be the most common.


I’m not sure what started this whole “being fake” thing that seems to be super popular among people lately, but I think it’s really dumb. I’m just going to be straight up here. Why on earth do we need to call someone fake? Especially someone is learning something new and enjoying it or changed their views on something? It is possible, and entirely okay, to make changes in your life. Actually, it’s needed, and everyone should always be trying to be better. (Calling someone fake isn’t being better, BTW)

Anyway, I have seen many people called fake for always talking about natural remedies but getting antibiotics when needed. Or, when they go see a doctor when they are “into all the hippie things.” Let me just say that I love natural remedies, I am on my way to becoming a certified aromatherapist. I love teas, and herbal drinks. But…if I feel that I should see a doctor, I will. Whether it be a regular MD or a Naturopath, it shouldn’t matter. I shouldn’t feel ashamed of that, and either should anyone else.

Great Things to Remember.

That is what is so great about:

  1. The country we live in.
  2. The age we live in.
  3. The resources we have available to us.

We don’t have to be one or the another, we can be both. I always try to go for the natural remedies before I go to a doctor, but I am so happy and grateful that doctors, medicine, and science is an option. Sometimes things do get serious and antibiotics are needed, or x-rays, or evaluation of some sort. I think we should all try to stay as healthy as we can on our own, but I don’t think anyone should steer clear of the medical community if they feel they need it.

Making Changes.

Knowledge is power, guys. Do your own research about medicines and treatments before listening to either one. Always follow your gut. That is why I call myself a partial hippie because I love nature-based everything, but I will use modern day things if I need/want to. I will see a doctor should I need to. I will take my kids to a doctor should they need to be seen. But I will always try to do what I can at home first. Science is fascinating to me, and I am amazed at all the advancements we have every single day, but we should stay alert, cautious and never turn a blind eye. Always think for yourself, when gathering information no matter who it’s from.

If we are going to make any progress is motherhood shame, women shame, judgement, negativity, and toxic behaviors while silencing mental health and emotions, we have to start with ourselves. You might think it won’t make much of a difference if you make changes just within yourself, but this what we call a ripple effect. If you make small changes, it will inspire others to make some small changes, which will inspire others, and so on and so on. Let me tell you, letting go of the judgement of others, and being so involved in other peoples lives has been liberating. I feel amazing and more emotionally available for myself, my husband, our kids, and my friends that truly need my attention and my emotional support.

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How do you feel about labels or calling people fake? How do you feel when you judge less and love more? Let me know in the comments!

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