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The influence journaling has on your mind.

Journaling is a great exercise to encourage a relationship with your mind which is the pathway to a healthy mind. Journaling will encourage your mind and body to work together which increases the health status of your mind.

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There is something so intimate about putting pen to paper, and science says that it forces you to focus while activating the areas in your brain that control thinking, language, memory, and muscle movement all at the same time. It encourages you to use your mind and your brain to create words on paper. What an incredible way to create a relationship with your mind.

What are essential oils?

When setting intentions or creating goals, writing them down has shown to help in remembering them. When you write down your feelings, it’s almost like you’re seeing your feelings through someone else’s eyes making it easier for you to work through them. And it makes it easier to understand the trigger for those emotions and find ways to help you the next time the same feelings arise.

I have always been a creative person, I’ve loved writing since I was a young child. It was always just something fun, though. Until my teen years when I went through some emotionally trying times, and I found that writing had helped ease some of my anxiety. I did a little research, asked around a little, and there were others that swore by journaling. I started a “diary” and started writing down my feelings after a rough day, and then I would look it over and come up with ways to slow that type of reaction from happening again.

Keep reading for a free PDF of journal prompts!

My journaling stopped towards my graduation year, one of the most emotionally trying times in my life. The next 10 years I just never picked it back up, until recently. I have started journaling again, setting intentions, creating goals, making plans, keeping notes, and using it all to help me notice my triggers before they happen so I can limit my emotional meltdowns. It has been incredible.

Sometimes writers block can get in your way when you’re trying to sit down and write things out, especially if you’re having a rough day. I have created a list of soul journey journal prompts to help get you started. I recommend getting a nice journal, some fun pens, and working on these over the next 10 days! This is a FREE printable or you can just save it to your phone or computer. And…I have included an aromatherapy diffusing blend that you can diffuse while you’re journaling to really encourage your mind/body connection. You can find the recipe at the bottom of this post!

Come back and tell me how this has helped you in the comments or follow me on Instagram @danielle.balancedliving, and tag me in a post about your prompts!

Aromatherapy is incredible for emotional well-being, anxiety, depression, and many other emotional needs. Using aromatherapy during mediation or journaling helps to clear your mind and encourage positive thinking, and positive flow of energy within you. I love the feeling I get when I diffuse aromatherapy oils while journaling or reading a book, an entire body/mind lifting experience. I hope you can feel the positive energy increase when you diffuse this blend during your soul journey journaling!


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