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Why I became an aromatherapist

My journey to becoming an aromatherapist

About 5 years ago I started looking into more natural ways to treat issues at home. I have never really been a fan of doctors. I have asthma, and I was on medicine all the time as a child. Because I wanted something different for my kids, I started looking into essential oils. I had never really done anything more than google them.

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A few years ago I had a friend who started selling for one of the MLM oil companies. Using their insanely good marketing, I fell into that trap fairly quickly. As many people I know do. I wasn’t a part of the company for very long. There were many reasons which I will talk about in another post, but the reason I became an aromatherapist was because of how they were sharing information regarding essential oils to unknowing and vulnerable consumers.


There is this big misconception that because essential oils come from nature there aren’t any risks and that we can use them however we want and how often we want.

When stories arise that there have been adverse reactions to using them incorrectly people just chalk it up to a mishap and it won’t happen again. Or, they say that person was stupid and this was the result of their stupidity. I don’t think stupidity as anything to do with it, the sharing and pushing of misinformation is the reason why there are adverse reactions.

A big reason behind the misconception

Without turning this into an anti-MLM post, I will just say this…the biggest reason there is misinformation being shared is because of the MLM essential oil companies not providing proper training to their reps because they are money-hungry. Providing proper aromatherapist training would cost too much money, and most reps don’t go in search of their own aromatherapist training. They are providing very unsafe information that needs to be combated.

Aromatherapist education is important

One of the scariest parts of essential oils becoming so popular is that they are becoming popular because they’re natural and amazing, but no one is getting enough education on using them safely. Everything has risks. There are oils that shouldn’t be used, ever. There are certain oils that shouldn’t be used during pregnancy or nursing, and some that shouldn’t be used around kids. Some are okay for younger kids, and some are only okay for older kids. This is not information that is sharing openly. There are a few online classes that are free or cheap that will teach you the basic safety information you need to know to bring essential oils into your life. One of them you can find over at Aromahead Institute – Free Introduction to Essential Oils Class.

There are many books you can read that are helpful in figuring out how to use essential oils, the best uses for each one, and the safety information. Some of my favorite are:

Education is so important. When you know better, you do better. When you are filled with knowledge about how to use essential oils you can get the best use out of them. This is why I became an aromatherapist. It’s so important to me that aromatherapists are more abundant in this fast-growing industry of essential oils. We need to be the ones to help spread the safe information and all the amazing ways that aromatherapy can be in used in one’s everyday life. There are so many benefits to essential oils and the best way to use them to learn from someone that knows in the depth information about them.

What I am offering as an aromatherapist.

While there are many ways an aromatherapist can offer services in the world of aromatherapy, I want to be a verstile aromatherapist.

  • I want to offer consultation to those who are seeking essential oils to help heal any ailments in their lives.
  • I want to keep a blog (this one) updated with information as it becomes available and to help debunk all the myths surrounding essential oils.
  • I want to encourage the safe use of essential oils without fear. Many people fear essential oils because of the insane amount of information available, many people are confused so they choose to just stay away. Essential oils can be used safely and without fear, I want to help encourage that.
  • Encourage average people to seek out help and information in regards to aromatherapy, or any natural remedy.
  • I want to offer online, LIVE classes, and online, self-paced classes at a decent price that the average family can afford. Aromatherapy education should be readily available.

You can check out my Work With Me page by clicking here to see more about what I am offering.

I hope that I can offer you what you’re looking for when it comes to aromatherapy. I am truly passionate about this.

Comment below with some of the concerns you have about aromatherapy!

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