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Featured Oil series

What is the essential oil feature series?

There are so many essential oils out there! There are some that are commonly used though, and like I’ve said before we should know all we can about each oil. Should you run out take a certified aromatherapy course to learn these? No, you shouldn’t. That’s what I’m here for!

  1. Those classes are expensive, for a reason.
  2. You should only take the certified courses if you plan on making aromatherapy a huge part of your life like starting a business.

There are some free classes (and I will be launching mine soon!) that you can take for the average person interested in learning more about aromatherapy. If you head over to my post Why I Became An Aromatherapist you can get the link to one of the best FREE essential oil courses!

The essential oil feature series is a blog series where I will be talking about one specific, commonly used essential oil each week to help you get familiar with the oil! I will include some of the important information that is harder to come by, and I will also include some recipes that you can PRINTFOR FREE. Isn’t that the best kind?!

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Up first will be Lavender! I have a lot to say about Lavender!

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