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Essential Oil Companies, which are best?

If you’ve been following me a while you know that I do not support the two major MLM essential oil companies. I will write an entire post one day on why, but for now I will use a few reasons explaining why I don’t use just one company, and why I don’t recommend just one company to my clients.

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I make a small commission at no extra charge to you. Thank you for supporting my business.

I do sell my own essential oil blends I make to help with certain ailments for my client’s individual needs. However, there are some clients that want help figuring which oils to use, but they want to purchase their own to make their own blend at home. I will recommend my favorite, non-MLM company to them, and help them with the process. I get my oils from high-quality wholesalers for aromatherapists.

For those of you who would like to purchase their own oils, there are two places I can recommend to you.

I want to be upfront and transparent with my clients and my followers. I don’t want anyone to question that I’m doing this solely to make money. Yes, that is a reason why, but because it’s something I love doing, and I want to help others learn more about aromatherapy. I want to encourage safe use without fear.

I do want to say though, I don’t use just one company in my business. Some companies offer better selections or a better quality of one oil than another. Each company has its pros and cons, so these two I am going to share with you are not the be all of the essential oil companies. For normal, regular people new to aromatherapy, these are the places I think that would be best for you to check out. Make sure to sign up for blog updates as I will update this list and write other posts about different essential oil companies.

Read my post about becoming an aromatherapist here.

Plant Therapy is one of my favorite popular essential oil companies that is not MLM.

Shop Great Certified USDA Organic Oils at Plant Therapy!


Dreaming Earth Botanicals is a wholesaler so they’re prices are cheaper, but their products are just as amazing.

I would recommend checking out both websites (by clicking the images) and looking them over before deciding which one you want to purchase from. Dreaming Earth is a company aimed towards people who aren’t new to essential oils, and Plant Therapy is great for people new to oils. They label theirs for kid-safe by using their KID SAFE logo on any blends or singles that are kid-safe.

Tip: Don’t go crazy ordering all the oils that look fun. Order just a few, and a diffuser, and a carrier oil, and mess around with them. Follow me on IG (@danielle.balancedliving) for tips on how to use them or follow Lea Jacobson (usingeossafely) on Instagram for tips on safe use of oils. I recommend staying away from Young Living and DoTerra Instagrams and Facebook for a while until you’ve gotten your feet wet in the safe use of essential oils.

Which company do you use?

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