When I first started homeschooling and I decided that I wanted to share our journey with the world, I was pretty judgmental. Not on purpose, but I was so excited to be homschooling. To have my kids home with me (just one at the time), having full control over their education, and their upbringing. It made me so happy and I just assumed that homeschooling would make everyone happy so I needed to help divide the educational journeys of parents.

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There are many homeschoolers out there who are anti-public school, in a rude, judgy way. There are also public schoolers who are anti-homeschool in a rude, judgy way. I fell into that, too. I hated the way it made me feel afterward and I would pause sometimes before sharing something because I thought it was too mean, but I would justify it as “well other homeschoolers are sharing these mean memes about public school, we need to band together.”

I was putting up a shame screen. You can read all about those and more in Brené Brown’s book I Thought It Was Just Me, But It Wasn’t. It took me a while to realize my trigger. Why did I act this way around education? Parenting? Free choice? My own personal journey of education as a child and a teen? That’s the winner, that last one. 

Society has divided us. There are so many homeschoolers that assume public school families dislike us and think we’re weird. And there are many homeschoolers that think public school parents aren’t good parents. We don’t need the divide, guys. We need connection, community, and togetherness with other families and parents regardless of our choices. If I want the freedom to homeschool my children and share it with the world, other families should have the freedom to use the public school system or private school options without judgment.

We need to be kind and understanding. I truly believe in homeschool for my family. But I truly believe that my public school friends have their children’s best interest at heart, and that I should encourage them and empower them surrounding their parenting choices. Everything is not so black and white. There is so much grey area in these situations.

I want to help families who want to homeschool feel encouraged and empowered to do so, but I do not want to bring down other families who don’t choose homeschool in the process. It is possible to bring awareness to the reasons we homeschool without making others feel like burying their heads in the sand. I don’t agree with the public school system in many ways but I think we should work together to bring about change to the public education system, and that doesn’t only mean homeschooling. I think there should be an open conversation about the education of our children, the next generation, and the one after that. And I think we should share tips and ideas, and we should realize that people are going to disagree with us, and that is okay. As long as we are understanding and share empathetic responses, we will be on a path to a better situation. 

My mission is to help those headed to the path of homeschooling, or already on the homeschooling path who need/want guidance, support, tips, ideas or even just friendship. A community. 

We can co-exist without being so negative, degrading, and rude. This is something that needs to be said, shared, and spread across social medias because this is a problem, even if we choose to ignore it. 

What are some issues that you would like to resolve in the parenting wars?

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